Video Interviews

Walmart where 22 died in mass shooting re-opens
(The Now / Scripps [Aired in Multiple Markets], 11/15/19)

People feel schools are less safe since Columbine
(The Now / Scripps [Aired in Multiple Markets], 4/17/19)

Mass shooting expert talks with NewsChannel 9 about Onondaga County School Safety Task Force
(, 8/15/2018)

The Listening Post: No Notoriety for mass shooters [at 11:07]
(Al Jazeera, 5/26/2018)

Not all school, mass shootings ‘are treated the same’
(Al Jazeera, 5/26/2018)

The Listening Post: #NeverAgain: Teenagers, Twitter, and the US gun debate
(Al Jazeera, 3/10/2018)

Jaclyn Schildkraut on mass shootings and public justice
(SUNY Oswego, 4/7/2016)